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December 13, 2016

5 Perks of a Small & Intimate Wedding

When it comes to your wedding guest list, less is more! While making those cuts can be difficult, the resulting flexibility will help you design your special day just the way you’ve always dreamed. Check out these 5 perks of a small and intimate wedding!


1. More Venue Choices
A smaller guest list opens up a whole new world of unique venues that can accommodate your reduced headcount. Think cozy restaurants, art galleries, bed and breakfasts, and more! These non-traditional spaces can definitely help give your event the intimate and personal vibe that you’re envisioning.

Low-Key-Love-Perks-Of-Intimate-Wedding-4[Restaurants Pictured Left to Right: Ten Penny, Willow]


Love that idea but still feel as though it might be impossible to trim the list? What about this: keep your formal wedding celebration and reception small, and then open up the party afterwards to the rest of the gang.



These two had an intimate ceremony, enjoyed a delicious full course meal with a side of heartwarming speeches from their closest family and friends, and then opened up the space after dinner and welcomed the rest of their family and friends for cocktails and an extended celebration.


2. More Customization
When you have a smaller headcount, you can immediately see savings in the areas of venues, food, and beverages. This extra cash opens up room in the budget for other special items or fun details that may be important to you.

Kick the menu up a notch, enjoy live musicians and entertainment, or say yes to that designer wedding gown you’ve fallen in love with.

Low-Key-Love-Perks-Of-Intimate-Wedding-1[Lovely Display and Appetizers by: Nino’s Restaurant]

All of these little extra luxuries can go a long way in hosting a fabulous, memorable celebration that you and your guests can relax and enjoy.


3. More Possibilities
Keeping things on the smaller side allows you to include those personal touches without completely driving yourself bananas with a growing to-do list (although chances are, you might do that anyways ;))

Do you have an intricate centerpiece idea, a fun/creative way that you want to incorporate your family members into the ceremony, or a unique idea for the invitations? Little, meaningful details like this that reflect you both as a couple will feel more manageable when creating fewer of them.


Low-Key-Love-Perks-Of-Intimate-Wedding-6[Vintage Rental Decor by: Rummage]

Pictured above: This thoughtful couple opted for an intimate brunch wedding and reception. As an extra special touch, they printed wedding photos of all the guests in attendance and adorned them in frames for table centerpiece décor. How sweet was that?!


4. More One on One Time
One thing I hear time and time again is how FAST the wedding day goes. When hosting hundreds of guests, many couples feel as though by the time they have made the rounds with each of their guests, the night is almost over.




With a smaller guest list, couples enjoy more time to spend with guests, creating a more relaxing atmosphere that feels less like a stressful, high-paced, production, and more like the joyous family occasion it was meant to be.


5. More Savings for Your Future
Last but not least, there are some of the more obvious perks, i.e., not going into debt, using money saved for a down payment on a house/RV/tiny house/abode of your choosing, investing in your future, or using that money to go on a special trip. In addition, you can turn finding ways to save a little here and there into a fun challenge. Just remember, your family and friends want to help, all you need to do is ask!


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